How It Works

We offer a white-labelled interest-free finance solution for you to offer your customers, during their emergencies.

You send us some details about the customer.

We perform our proprietary check and let you know if we can help the customer.

You offer a payment solution with your branding, for example, "MoneyLoop pay".

We then pay you the excess within 7 business days after the customer agreeing to your repayment terms.

We presently support the majority of insurance products that have an excess payable at the claim.

Vehicle Insurance

We work with excesses on vehicle insurance products.

Home Insurance

Interest-free finance for Home and Contents Insurance products.

General Insurance

MoneyLoop supports all General insurance products.

Our Mission is to provide a solution that enables insurers to better engage with their customers at the point of claim.

MoneyLoop was founded in January 2018, with the sole goal of enabling consumers to manage their unexpected emergency expenses better. We noticed that more than three out of five Australians do not have access to $3000 in an emergency, and one in five do not have $1000 in savings. This eventually makes claiming on their insurance product not only emotionally stressful but also financially.

White Labelled

MoneyLoop offers insurers the ability to lessen the financial stress on a customer, during the claims process, by providing a white-labelled interest-free finance solution for their customers to repay the excess in an easy to manage interest-free instalments.

Proprietary Credit Decision

MoneyLoop has an acceptance rate in the 80% region. We can do this because we have a custom built credit engine. This engine enables us to make better decisions about a customer's financial circumstances without the need to perform a full credit assessment.

Flexible Repayment Structures

We understand that some customers will require longer period of time to repay their excess. This is why we offer flexible payment solutions ranging from 2 months up to 4 months. This is to ensure that you are there for your customers when they need you most.

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